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Bollywood Kissa: Hema Malini was Raj Kapoor’s first choice for ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’, then why Zeenat Aman became ‘Roopa’?

ByTeam BB

Apr 17, 2023

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Fact: Indian cinema has given many memorable films. Which was not only liked by the audience, but these films also worked to change the cinema trend. One such film is ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. Being included in the superhit films of its time, this film was completely out of the box. Not only did Raj Kapoor work very hard for this film, but the beautiful manner in which Zeenat Aman portrayed the character ‘Roopa’ of this film is still remembered by the audience. But do you know that Zeenat Aman was not the first choice for this film. Actually Raj Kapoor had first offered Hema Malini for the film.

Hearing the story of the film, Hema’s condition was like this
According to the news, when Hema Malini reached RK Studio for the screen test, she was shocked to know about this very bold character. When she was briefed about the character’s style, costume, Hema became uncomfortable and only then it became clear that she would not be a part of the film. It is said that when Hema heard the complete script and after that she went towards the dressing room with the costume for the screen test, then left the studio from there.

This is how Zeenat Aman entered the film
Actually Hema did not want to directly refuse Raj Kapoor’s offer. In such a situation, as soon as she got a chance, she left the studio without saying anything. When Raj Kapoor sent an assistant to the dressing room to call her, she was not found there. After which Raj also understood the whole matter that now he will have to find another face for his film. After which he approached Zeenat Aman for the role of Roopa. Actually at that time Raj Kapoor was already working with Zeenat in a film. On hearing Raj Kapoor’s offer, Zeenat Aman said yes and after that the whole world knows the scale of success made by this film.

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