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Horror video game Iron Lung to be adapted as film 

ByTeam BB

Apr 22, 2023

American YouTuber Markiplier, who mainly uploads gaming content, is set to make his directorial debut which will be an adaptation of horror video game Iron Lung. Markiplier will also star in the film.

Iron Lung is about the main character that can only move around a submarine, causing claustrophobia. Following a catastrophic event that washes out all forms of life on earth, the only survivors are those who were inside vessels and ships. The protagonist is then charged with the responsibility of returing back to normalcy, in return for freedom.

The film is backed by the YouTuber and the filming is currently in progress at Texas. Caroline Rose Kaplan is also said to star in the film. However, the actor’s role is kept under wraps.

Iron Lung is the latest video game to be adapted, after the recently released The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Last Of Us.

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