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Linda Nolan says she has picked out a ‘pink, glittery coffin’ following brain cancer diagnosis

ByTeam BB

Apr 23, 2023

Linda Nolan has said she has picked out a coffin for her funeral in her first interview since being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Nolan, 64, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and went into remission the following year. In 2017, she revealed she had been diagnosed with a secondary cancer in her hip, which spread to her liver in 2020.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain last month, the singer divulged that the cancer had spread to her brain, calling the diagnosis “obviously frightening”.

In a new interview with The Mirror on Saturday (22 April), Nolan gave readers an update on the treatment she is receiving, and spoke about confronting death.

Nolan said that she been undergoing chemotherapy and is waiting for the results of an MRI scan to see whether the tumours have shrunk. She also told the publication she has been prescribed a new drug called Tucatinib to “give me more time”.

“I think it’s a one-way trip now,” she said, explaining that she has already started planning her funeral.

While her eldest sister Anne successfully recovered from cancer, Nolan lost both her husband Brian Hudson and younger sister Bernie to the illness. She told The Mirror that they had organised their own funerals, adding that “it’s easier for people left behind”.

“I’ve gone into it a little bit. A Neil Sedaka song, “Our Last Song Together”. And I know the funeral people I’m going to use,” she revealed.

Quipping that she is “the blingy Nolan”, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant said she has also picked out a pink, glittery coffin.

Since the diagnosis, Nolan has been living with her sister Denise in Blackpool. Her other sister Maureen visits her daily.

During her appearance on GMB, she said: “I’ve bought a wheelchair, we’re getting stuff ready for the inevitable really. It’s a scary trip to be on.”

Despite her condition, Nolan said she’s “not giving up” and continues to remain hopeful she can beat the disease like she did before.

The Nolans are a musical group that formed in Blackpool in 1974, comprising sisters Coleen, Maureen, Anne, Linda, Denise, and Bernie.

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