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Michelle Yeoh to star in new Star Trek spin-off film

ByTeam BB

Apr 19, 2023

Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh is all set to reprise her role in the upcoming Section-31 spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery, which has officially been greenlit as an original film. Star Trek: Section 31, slated for Paramount+, will see Yeoh reprise her role as Emperor Philippa Georgiou. Headed to go into production later this year, the film will be backed by CBS Studios. 

For quite some time, Section 31 had been mentioned as a potential spinoff series that would follow Yeoh’s character. Georgiou, who is both from the past and a mirror world, was transported returned to their original period for her safety at the beginning of the third season of the show after the ship had jumped almost 900 years into the future. 

There are other Star Trek films that will be released by Paramount+ in the upcoming years and months in addition to this one. The brand is expanding week by week, despite the fact that its first two shows are coming to an end with Star Trek: Discovery’s series finale airing later this week and its last season set to premiere in early 2024. Prior to their upcoming seasons, it was revealed that Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks had both been renewed for additional seasons. A Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series that will follow a fresh batch of trainees was also just announced by Paramount+. 

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