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Netflix renews Big Mouth for eighth and final season

ByTeam BB

Apr 25, 2023

Big Mouth, the Netflix animated comedy, has been renewed for its eighth season, which will also be its finale. The final season is scheduled to premiere next year. Big Mouth has become the longest-running production created by Netflix, which doesn’t come under the children’s category. 

Nick Kroll, the creator of the series has based the main character Nick Birch on his own life. Big Mouth revolves around Nick’s difficulty going through puberty due to his constant comparison of himself with friends and peers. As he heads towards an even more complicated time, adolescence, Nick learns to make peace with his own body and self with the help of the Hormone Monsters (voiced by Kroll himself and Maya Rudolph). This difficult journey is also experienced by his best friend who constantly gets embarrassed in front of everyone at school.

The seventh season of Big Mouth will premiere on the streamer sometime this year. 

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