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Ramayan: The story of Vibhishan of Ramayana is very painful, because of this he died by jumping on the railway track

ByTeam BB

Apr 4, 2023

Ramayan Mukesh Rawal: Tales of Ramanand Sagar’s serial Ramayana and its actors are still on people’s lips. The craze of this serial was so much that people used to sit in front of the TV set after completing all their work. At the same time, the actors of this serial are still remembered. Be it Ram-Laxman or Ravana-Vibhishan, every character is still enshrined in the hearts of people. Today we are talking about Vibhishan, an important character of Ramayana, know every detail of his life.

Mukesh Rawal became Vibhishan of Ramayana

Mukesh Rawal played the role of Vibhishan in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. Because of this character, he got so much fame that he started being recognized in every household. Please tell that Mukesh is no longer with us, but his memories are still alive in our minds.

Worked in Hindi as well as Gujarati films

Born in Mumbai during the year 1951, Mukesh worked in Gujarati industry apart from Hindi language. He appeared in Hindi films such as Zidd, Yeh Majhdaar, Lahu Ke Do Rang, Satta, Aujar and Kasak. At the same time, worked in serials like Hasraten, Bind Banunga Ghodi Chadhunga etc. He was last seen in the Gujarati serial ‘Nas Nas Mein Khunnas’ which aired in the year 2016.

This is how Vibhishan’s character was found

Mukesh got the role of Vibhishan suddenly. Actually, he was doing theater for a long time. Ramanand Sagar caught sight of him during a play and took his audition. Please tell that Mukesh had auditioned for both the characters of Meghnad and Vibhishan. Later he was offered the role of Vibhishan.

committed suicide because of this

According to media reports, Mukesh Rawal had committed suicide. His body was found on the railway track near Kandivali station in Mumbai. It is said that Mukesh was in depression after the death of his son. At the same time, when he became completely alone after his daughter’s marriage, his pain increased. Due to depression, he took the dreadful step.

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