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Robots trailer is here

ByTeam BB

Apr 26, 2023

The trailer of Jack Whitehall and Shailene Woodley starrer Robots was released on Tuesday. Art Hines and Casper Christiensen have written and directed the romantic sci-fi comedy. The film is all set to release in theatres as well as on-demand, on May 19. 

The trailer of Robots shows Whitehalls as Charles, a womanizer who lives in a world with robots that perform activities humans don’t bother to do. He deputes his lookalike robot, to seduce a romantic partner. Woodley’s character Elaine also has a doppelganger robot, unbeknownst to Charles. Charles and Elaine’s robots are tasked with dating each other, so the human can reap the benefits at a more romantic stage. The two AI however fall in love and elope, stealing their human counterpart’s identities. Charles and Elaine are not tasked with putting aside their differences to win back their life.

Robots,  written and directed by Hines and Christiensen is produced by Stephen Camel, Julian Favre, Cassian Elwes, Bern Wintersperger, Sascha Kmajac, Lars Sylvest, and Thorsten Schumacher. 

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