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Shahrukh Khan was separated from the house at the age of 5 by his mother! the reason will surprise you

ByTeam BB

Apr 8, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan Untold Story: If we talk about the mega superstar of Hindi cinema, Shah Rukh Khan’s name will definitely be included in it. The name of Shah Rukh Khan is well known for his strong acting. Alam is that Shahrukh’s popularity is very high all over the world. As such, many important stories related to King Khan’s life keep coming to the fore. But do you know that at the age of 5, Shah Rukh Khan’s mother separated him from the house. Let us know what was the reason behind this.

When Shahrukh’s mother took him away in his childhood

Shahrukh Khan is well known for his cool style. A few years back, Shah Rukh attended the show of Hindi cinema legend Anupam Kher. During this, Shah Rukh Khan told that in his childhood his mother had distanced him from herself. Shahrukh Khan said that- ‘I was the first boy born in my family. There was no boy from my mother’s side. Then when I was 5-6 years old.

My maternal grandmother adopted me and said give it to us. Because of this, I stayed in my maternal grandmother’s house in Bangalore for a few years during my childhood. But after a few years passed, my mother started to realize that I could not live without her and she called me back to her. In this way, Shah Rukh Khan told the reason when his mother had thrown him away from home in his childhood.

Shahrukh Khan will be seen in these films

After the immense success of the film ‘Pathan’, the fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming films of Shah Rukh Khan. Talking about King Khan’s work front, Shah Rukh will be seen in the films ‘Jawan’ and ‘Dunki’ in the coming times. Not only this, Shah Rukh Khan will also be seen doing a cameo in the film ‘Tiger 3’ with superstar Salman Khan.

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