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This amazing happened at Doha airport, Mika Singh is not happy, praised PM Narendra Modi

ByTeam BB

Apr 12, 2023

Mika Singh Dubai Airport: Bollywood singer Mika Singh remains very active on social media. Now he has posted a video of himself, which is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. Mika Singh told his fans that he used Indian currency at Qatar’s Doha airport, due to which he is very happy. Along with this, Mika also praised the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, for making this work possible.

Shopping can be done with Indian currency at Doha airport
In the video, Mika Singh says, ‘Hello India I Mika Singh. It is a matter of proud moment that I am at Doha airport in Qatar. Here you can do shopping with Indian currency. You can give Indian currency for whatever you want to do shopping. Thank you Modi ji. I salute you Now Indian money will also work in the whole world like dollar. It is going on in Qatar.

Mika Singh salutes PM Modi

Posting his video, Mika Singh wrote in the caption, ‘Good morning. I feel very proud while shopping with Indian currency in Louis Vuitton store at Doha airport. You can use Rs in any restaurant. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? to enable us to use our own currency like the dollar Narendra Modi Salute to Saab.

Users gave such reactions on Mika Singh’s video

Fans are giving fierce reactions on this video of singer Mika Singh. One user wrote, ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’. Another wrote, ‘Indian currency is getting stronger’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Oye Balle Balle’. In this way, users are expressing their happiness after watching Mika’s video.

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