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Uorfi Javed Threat: ‘You should be beaten to death’, Urfi Javed received death threats, the actress reached the police

ByTeam BB

Apr 16, 2023

Orfi Javed Gets Death Threat: Often, due to his dressing sense and outspoken statements, Urfi Javed’s name keeps on making headlines. But at present, Urfi Javed remains in discussion for a big reason. Urfi Javed has revealed on social media that he has received death threats from an unknown caller. Due to which now Urfi Javed has lodged a complaint with the police regarding this matter.

Urfi Javed received threats

On Sunday, Urfi Javed has shared many stories regarding this matter in his official Instagram handle story. A video is also present in Urfi’s insta story. In which Urfi Javed is seen claiming to have received threats to kill herself that- ‘One more day of my life and one more time I have received threats. Even in illness, I have come to the police station to complain in distress.

He has my car number and that person is threatening to kill me. In the next story, Urfi Javed has written that- ‘So someone called me from Neeraj Pandey’s office, saying that he is his assistant and Sir wants to meet me.’

Unknown person threatened to kill

In the Insta Story, Urfi Javed has further written that- ‘That’s why I said that before the meeting there is a need to know all the details of the projects. On this the alleged assistant got really angry and said how dare I insult Neeraj Pandey. He has told me that he knows my car number and everything and that I should be beaten to death because of the kind of clothes I wear. He said all this because I refused to attend the meeting without details.

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