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Video shows aftermath of Jeremy Renner snowplow accident: "It crunched him"

ByTeam BB

Apr 18, 2023

Jeremy Renner opens up about snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner opens up about snowplow accident


Newly released body camera video shows first responders treating actor Jeremy Renner immediately after the New Year’s Day snowplow accident that critically injured the “Avengers” star. In the video, a Nevada sheriff’s office official recapped the events that led to the accident involving Renner’s 7-ton snowplowsaying, “It crunched him.”

Renner has said around three dozen of his bones were broken in the accident and he suffered a pierced liver and collapsed lung. He was hospitalized, but he returned to the red carpet last week to promote his latest show.

In the bodycam video posted by “Entertainment Tonight” on Monday, a group of first responders treat Renner on a snowy street a few minutes after 9:30 am on New Year’s Day with a gurney nearby and an ambulance waiting in the background.

Watch Jeremy Renner Snowplow Accident Body-Cam Footage (Raw Video) by
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An official with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said Renner used the snowplow to help pull out a truck belonging to a relative, who has been identified as his nephew Alex Fries. After pulling out the truck, Renner turned the snowplow around in the street and got out of it to speak with Fries, the official said.

“That’s when it started coming at me like full force,” Fries told a group of first responders.

Renner rushed back to the snowplow.

“Right where his blood is at, that’s right where it all happened,” Fries said in the video. “He slid because these tracks, there’s no way to stand on them.”

“He tried to jump on it?” a first responder asked.

“He tried to jump on it, and it took him under,” Fries said.

Renner’s nephew told first responders he didn’t see the actor get pulled under the snowplow because he was running back to the truck, which was facing the runaway snowplow.

“I immediately started like reverse,” Fries said. “It slipped, and it slid, but I’m already getting hit, and then that’s when it just moved sideways … this thing was just coming straight at me.”

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