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When Rekha reached her in-laws house, her mother-in-law had taken slippers to kill her! This incident broke the relationship with Vinod Mehra

ByTeam BB

Apr 6, 2023

Rekha Vinod Mehra Relationship: You would often get to see mother-in-law’s bickering in your neighborhood, but do you know that even Bollywood stars have struggled with it. Actually, Bollywood’s veteran actress Rekha had to face one such incident. Let us introduce you to that story…

When Rekha’s relationship with Vinod Mehra

One of the most beautiful beauties of Bollywood, Rekha’s life was very complicated. She read the text of love with the emperor of Bollywood, but could not reach it. After this, he knocked on many doors to read the kalma of love, in which he often got disappointed. However, once their love blossomed and reached the point of marriage. This relationship was not with anyone else but with famous actor Vinod Mehra. Rekha had agreed to be his third wife, but this relationship lasted only for two months.

Mother-in-law ‘welcomed’ in this way

It so happened that after marrying Vinod Mehra, Rekha cherished all her hopes, but her hopes were dashed when she reached her in-laws’ house for the first time. In ‘Bahu Ho To Aisi’, Rekha could not deal with her mother-in-law’s mannerisms in real life. It has been claimed in media reports that when Rekha reached her in-laws house, she tried to touch Vinod Mehra’s mother i.e. her mother-in-law’s feet. As soon as this happened, the mother-in-law picked up slippers to beat Rekha. Actually, the actor’s mother did not like Rekha at all. This story was also mentioned in Yasir Usman’s book Rekha: An Untold Story.

… and separated Vinod and Rekha

Rekha also mentioned Vinod Mehra’s mother in an interview. He had told, ‘My and Vinod’s mother’s views did not match. She considered me a bad actress. Because of Vinod I tolerated them, but one day the dam of my patience broke. When I asked Vinod to choose between love and mother, he chose mother. After that we parted ways.

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